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About us

Backed by hard data and intelligent editorial insight, we are helping align international capital flows with sustainability

Who we are

Underpinned by rich markets data, Capital Monitor’s team of award-winning financial editors and journalists are dedicated to examining the impact sustainable investment and finance has on our environment, and our societies

Our authors

  • Polly Bindman

    Data journalist

    Polly joins the team as our data journalism lead tasked with making sense of the world via data and infographics. She has both practical experience working at The Guardian, New Statesman and openDemocracy, and recently qualified with a Masters in Investigative Journalism at City, University of London. Polly is also a graduate of Cambridge University.

  • Benjamin Bracken

    Client director

    Benjamin Bracken is the client director for Capital Monitor leading the commercial operations of the brand. Previously he was Commercial Director at Insurance Insider, part of the Euromoney Group. He brings years of experience in helping businesses across all areas of financial services to build marketing strategies that lead to them winning more business.

  • Daniel Flatt


    Daniel Flatt launched Capital Monitor title in April 2021 after joining the New Statesman Media Group from Haymarket where he was most recently editorial director of its multiple award-winning portfolio of finance and investment publications. His 20-year career has spanned all areas of asset management, banking, and corporate treasury across the globe. He is the founding editor of CorporateTreasurer.

  • Virginia Furness

    Sustainable banking editor

    Virginia Furness is the sustainable banking editor of Capital Monitor and joins from Euromoney where she was most recently the Middle East and Africa editor. With a decade covering the financial markets, during which she worked in senior editorial roles at Reuters and Global Capital, Virginia is focused on holding to account the ESG commitments made by the world’s most influential banking institutions.

  • Vibeka Mair

    Senior editor

    Vibeka Mair is the sustainable asset management editor of Capital Monitor. She is responsible for holding the world's most influential asset owners and managers to account for their commitments to sustainability and showcasing those proven to have made a real impact on our environment and societies. Vibeka joins from Responsible Investor where she was a senior reporter.

  • Joe Marsh

    Managing Editor

    Joe Marsh is managing editor of Capital Monitor and brings with him 25 years of investment and risk-management journalism experience. Most recently international editor of AsianInvestor, Joe spent the last ten years covering the asset management sector and delivering strategic insight to the world’s most influential asset owners. Joe also has an extensive background covering risk management within the energy sector.

  • Elizabeth Meager

    Policy editor

    Elizabeth Meager is the policy editor of Capital Monitor, a position dedicated to making sense of the slew of investment and corporate regulatory changes surrounding sustainability. With a technical editorial background, Elizabeth joins the team from Euromoney where she was managing editor of IFLR, which tracks global regulatory updates for corporate finance and capital market lawyers.

  • Adrian Murdoch

    Sustainable companies editor

    A financial markets specialist, Adrian Murdoch started his award-winning career with the World Economic Forum and has worked for IFR in Singapore and Reuters in Frankfurt. A regular contributor to FinanceAsia, Global Capital, Institutional Investor, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, Adrian is focused on how companies around the world are raising and using sustainable capital.

  • Chris Papadopoullos

    Economics editor

    A well-respected economist and writer, Chris Papadopoullos is responsible for building out Capital Monitor’s data intelligence service. Dedicated to capturing the flow of sustainable capital from investor to corporate end user, Chris will support our journalism by supplying robust and credible data that reveals the real-world impact of those flows. Chris joins us from the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum where he worked as an economist.

  • Matt Sime

    Events editor

    Matt Sime is the events editor at Capital Monitor. He joins from Euromoney Institutional Investor, where he was most recently conference production manager for Insider Publishing Group’s four titles, which includes Insurance Insider. Prior to this, he worked for Institutional Investor’s conference division in New York.

Data-guided journalism

Capital Monitor’s mission to track the impact capital has on our environment, our societies and institutional governance is underpinned by the highest quality data and created by the industry’s top business journalists and capital markets experts, Capital Monitor is essential reading for executives involved in aligning the flow of capital towards a sustainable future.

Our story/heritage

Capital Monitor is part of New Statesman Media Group. Our mission is to explain how the world is changing for decision makers in need of data-driven answers. We help our readers to lead effectively and define policies using the same rigour and quality journalism the New Statesman magazine has long been admired for.

The Monitor network

Capital Monitor is part of a network of industry leading specialist titles, including Investment Monitor, Energy Monitor and Tech Monitor.

Editorial standards

Capital Monitor journalists are required to follow the standards laid out in the UK Editors’ Code of Practice and also strictly adhere to UK law in areas such as libel, privacy and copyright. If you think our content has breached the Editors’ Code you can raise this with our external ombudsman David Banks by emailing – but please only do so after first trying to resolve the issue with our editors.

He will investigate all legitimate complaints and write adjudications that will be published on this site and given equal prominence to the article in question if your complaint is upheld.

David Banks is a former co-author of MacNae’s Essential Law for Journalists, the standard textbook on UK media law, and has acted as an adviser to the UK’s Ministry of Justice. David will adjudicate on complaints by making reference to the Editors’ Code of Practice.