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Adrian Murdoch

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A financial markets specialist, Adrian Murdoch started his award-winning career with the World Economic Forum and has worked for IFR in Singapore and Reuters in Frankfurt. A regular contributor to FinanceAsia, Global Capital, Institutional Investor, the Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, Adrian is focused on how companies around the world are raising and using sustainable capital.

Articles by Adrian Murdoch
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How Pfizer is targeting Covid with new sustainability bond

The US drugs giant will use proceeds from its second sustainability bond issue to tackle the pandemic, including in emerging markets. ESG head Chris Gray seeks to dispel scepticism by explaining the deal's rationale, while treasurer Brian McMahon discusses the $1bn bond’s pricing.

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Why Côte d’Ivoire’s first green bond is so important

The private placement from shopping centre operator Emergence Plaza had the advantage of a beneficial economic backdrop and high market liquidity. There is much for potential issuers to learn from only the fourth green corporate bond from sub-Saharan Africa.

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Japan’s young sustainable loan market gets healthcare booster

Medical device maker Nipro has become a rare Japanese issuer of a sustainability-linked loan, and the first from the healthcare sector. Disclosed details are limited, but it aims to use the proceeds to help address Covid-19 issues and generally improve public health both domestically and overseas. 

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Bond “greenium” shows no sign of vanishing

CFOs and treasurers take note. Although the pricing advantage for sustainable bonds has declined over the past six months, it is unlikely to vanish even as the volume of green bonds rises. Whether this is the case over a longer distance is up for fierce debate.

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