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Chris Papadopoullos

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A well-respected economist and writer, Chris Papadopoullos is responsible for building out Capital Monitor’s data intelligence service. Dedicated to capturing the flow of sustainable capital from investor to corporate end user, Chris will support our journalism by supplying robust and credible data that reveals the real-world impact of those flows. Chris joins us from the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum where he worked as an economist.

Articles by Chris Papadopoullos
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Sustainability-linked bonds could help solve UK inflation woes

As one of the more eager issuers of bonds linked to inflation, the UK faces the prospect of higher borrowing costs as high inflation begins to look less temporary than initially expected. Sustainability-linked bonds, relatively new instruments, could provide a long-term antidote.

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Has Tariq Fancy demolished the case for ESG investing?

A recent essay by the former global head of sustainable investing at the world’s largest asset manager poured scorn on the climate claims of ESG investment strategies. But experts argue that while ESG investing is far from perfect, it still has a significant role to play in helping to achieve net zero.

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Why private equity has started taking ESG seriously

To ensure a safe exit, influential private equity houses are showing signs of embracing ESG within their investment practices. There is a stronger conviction that sustainability will create greater value over time. Entrepreneurs need to take note.