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Daniel Flatt

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Daniel Flatt launched Capital Monitor title in April 2021 after joining the New Statesman Media Group from Haymarket where he was most recently editorial director of its multiple award-winning portfolio of finance and investment publications. His 20-year career has spanned all areas of asset management, banking, and corporate treasury across the globe. He is the founding editor of CorporateTreasurer.

Articles by Daniel Flatt
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Why capitalism should have listened to the King of Bhutan

The idea of incorporating gross national happiness into mainstream economic thought has long been a subject reserved for debating societies and 'lefty' thinkers. As politicians are cornered into taking immediate action on climate change, capitalism is in for a big surprise.

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Why devouring your dad is a good thing. A takedown of MPT.

In their new book, Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory – Investing That Matters, Jon Lukomnik and James Hawley deliver a devastating blow to adherents of MPT. The two deftly articulate why it is not fit for purpose to tackle the challenges we face today.