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Polly Bindman

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Data Journalist

Polly joins the team as our data journalism lead tasked with making sense of the world via data and infographics. She has both practical experience working at The Guardian, New Statesman and openDemocracy, and recently qualified with a Masters in Investigative Journalism at City, University of London. Polly is also a graduate of Cambridge University.

Articles by Polly Bindman
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Analysis: Banks’ net-zero promises falling short

Despite positive noises at Cop26, analysis conducted by Capital Monitor of lenders’ fossil fuel policies underlines why critics remain sceptical of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance’s ability to get signatories to align with International Energy Agency recommendations.  

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Who buys carbon offsets – and why?

The carbon offsetting market is growing rapidly as more and more companies pledge net zero, but the proper place for carbon offsets in their strategies remains unclear. Microsoft's recent about-turn is a prime example.

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Why gender lens investing is struggling to make an impact

Recently criticised for failing to deliver returns above their peer group, gender lens funds are under immense scrutiny to up their game. And while legitimate concerns exist about how they are marketed, the lack of suitable companies remains a serious problem.

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